Website Redesign

We are happy to say we have finished the last step in our platform overhaul. Our website got a much-needed makeover with a more minimal approach to reflect our hosting style. One of the biggest changes is we made more use of all the white space to let the focus be on the content we have added.

The menu has also been cleaned up with only the items that are needed. No more extra menu items or submenus. There is a simple login button now for everyone to use. Like we mentioned previously we have removed pesky control panels.

So by doing that we removed a subsite that we had for our billing/hosting control panel. You only have to log into our site to manage your hosting plan or to submit a support ticket. Any DNS changes you need to make can be shared with us in a ticket.

Your only access is your WordPress website. You do not have to worry about any other configurations. We have tried very hard to make this as simple as possible.