Our Plans for 2021…

We have some major changes in store for this year and have already started rolling them out to our platform. Starting this you will no longer be redirected to our old billing/control panel.

All account info will now be accessible directly from our main site. The biggest change is we have done away with all server control panels.

What does this mean? Well, now when you host with us we will handle all the setup for you. No need to go to a control panel to install and configure WordPress.

We decided to get rid of the automated processes and clunky control panels because we believed there was an easier way to host WordPress. The feedback we received was helpful during the entire process.

It helped us learn that most users don’t need or want access to control panels. They simply want a WordPress site so they can upload their content.

We plan on improving this process throughout the year to make it just right. We have already received great feedback and are excited to see what this year has in store.