The Simple Guide to Self-Hosted WordPress

Going with a self-hosted WordPress site lets you get all the WordPress functionality you could want at an affordable price. We have tried to make everything as simple as possible but we understand that things can seem overwhelming. So here is what the process looks like.


Make sure you have already purchased a domain before starting this process.

Step 1. Hosting

Head over to our main site where you can select the plan that suits your needs. Be sure to check if we have any promotions going on by visiting our blog. Don’t worry if we don’t have anything going on just send us a message and we can help out.

Step 2. Domain

After you have signed up the next step will be to point your domain’s DNS to your new hosting plan. You can read more about that here.

Step 3. Getting Started

Once your domain’s DNS has updated you will see a splash screen showing your domain is successfully pointing to your new home.

Step 4.

If this is a new site then you can get started with WordPress. It is automatically installed when you sign up for hosting. We offer free migration if you have an existing WordPress site.


Congrats! You have successfully set up hosting, pointed your domain, and installed WordPress.