Getting Started with WordPress

So you have decided that it’s time for a website. That’s great! Awesome news!! Now… where do you start? Well, we are here to help you with what happens now. ☺️

Step 1.

Now that you have decided you want a website the first thing is to buy a domain. You can find tons of places online that offer domain registration. We prefer Namecheap and have personally been using them for almost a decade. Think of that perfect name you want and go get it. Once you have bought your domain move on to step 2.

Step 2.

Once you have a domain and have access to the DNS the next step will be to purchase a hosting plan. This step will seem like the most overwhelming and you will find so many hosting companies out there. Here are some important questions to ask yourself.

  • Is installing WordPress simple?
  • Do they offer free SSL?
  • What are the backup options?
  • What are the support options?
  • Where are they located? (Important when needing support)

Move on to step 3 once you have purchased a hosting plan.

Step 3.

Once you have purchased a hosting plan you will need to head back to where you purchased your domain. Your hosting provider should have provided you with two Nameservers. These nameservers basically connect your domain and hosting plan. If you are not sure where to add these nameserver your domain registrar should have online documentation to guide you.

Once you have pointed your domain to your hosting it will take some time to propagate throughout the web. This is basically a waiting game.

Your domain registrar or hosting company cannot speed this process up.

Move on to step 4 once you have pointed your hosting to your domain and have access to WordPress.

Step 4.

Hopefully, by now your nameservers have updated and you have access to WordPress now. If so, now is the fun stuff. Themes! Now you can go ahead and customize WordPress, add content, share it to social media, and just have fun. πŸ™‚

We have been using Themeforest for probably as long as we have been using Namecheap. Themeforest is a great place to find premium WordPress themes. You could also search for free themes within WordPress.

Summing-up πŸŽ‰

Well first off congratulations! You have successfully bought a domain, purchased a hosting plan, pointed the domain to your hosting plan, and started making your WordPress site your home. If you need any help or have any questions reach out to us we would love to help out. ✌️